Override V2


General Information

Galvanic Mechamorph

Home Planet:

Galvan B

Other Info
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Override is the Delta-X's DNA sample of a Galvanic Mechamorph from Galvan B.


Override has a black exterior with red stripes that resemble circuitry all over her. The red circle on her head is her eye. The Delta-X is located on her eye.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Override is not completely solid. Due to this, she can reshape herself to let projectiles or blows pass through her by creating a hole in her body at will. Override can use internal nanotechnology to merge with or control any technology within reach by spreading over it. The size of the device is not significant, and she controls it as naturally as she would with her own body. When she merges she overrides the technology, hence her name.


Same as Upgrade