Title Number Number Overall Air Date
Beneath the Ice 1 1 Prior to 12/2/14
A year after the death of Ben Tennyson, the time comes for a new hero to rise, when the world needs one most!
Under Wraps 2 2 Prior to 12/2/14
When a local farm is under attack, the new team must go and investigate!
A Date to Die For 3 3 Prior to 12/2/14
When Nicole and Jason decide to have a first date, they get the surprise of their lives when an old foe of Ben's comes for revenge.
Stranded 4 4 Prior to 12/2/14
In order to further the search for Jason, Nicole must venture into the Digital Realm, in a desperate attempt to bring him back.
A Taste of Freedom 5 5 12/14/14
Nicole's quest for Jason continues, meanwhile, Ken and his cousin Devlin have their own issue to deal with.
Genetics Unleashed 6 6 Unknown
The birth of Nicole's greatest enemy is a day almost everyone will look upon in shame. Witness the event that changes it all.
Coastal Madness 7 7 Unknown
To Be Added
Timey Wimey Stuff 8 8 Unknown
To Be Added
The Fire Awakens 9 9 Unknown
To Be Added
A Little Swap 10 10 Unknown
To Be Added
The Best Feeling of All 11 11 Unknown
To Be Added
Space at Its Finest 12 12 Unknown
To Be Added
Bragging Rights are Mine 13 13 Unknown
To Be Added
Under the Rule of Magic 14 14 Unknown
To Be Added
End of the Regime: Part 1 15 15 Unknown
Part 1 of season finale
End of the Regime: Part 2 16 16 Unknown
Part 2 of season finale