Livewire is the Delta-X's DNA sample of a Conductoid from the planet Teslavorr.

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Other Info

Electrokinesis Energy Absorption Energy Redirection Enhanced Strength Enhanced Durability Enhanced Agility Enhanced Jumping Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Speed (only on electrical lines) Flight (via Propulsion) Energy Balls Elasticity (Antennae and Tail)

First Appearance: A Date to Die For


Livewire has a black and red color scheme. She has a red eye in the middle of her head. She has an antenna and a tail that feature plugs on their tips that allows her to draw energy to herself. Her Body is covered in silver battery bolts. She has four fingers on each hand, two front toes and heels.

The Delta-X symbol is on her waist.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Livewire has the ability to absorb and redirect any kind of energy, including mana even from a little distance by using her antenna and tail.

  • Electric Energy Blasts:
    • Livewire can fire electricity from her hands without absorbing any, and propel it out in electrical punches.
  • Enhanced Agility:
    • Livewire has enhanced agility and jumping.
  • Enhanced Strength:
    • Livewire has enhanced strength.
  • Enhanced Speed:
    • Livewire can run very fast on power lines.
  • Energy Balls Generation:
    • Livewire can fire energy balls by joining her fingers.
  • Flight:
    • Livewire can fly by using jet propulsion with her energy.
  • Energy Absorption:
    • Livewire can absorb energy through any part on her body, shown when she absorbed the power lines energy to run faster.
  • Attack Repulsion:
    • Livewire can repel attacks.
  • Elasticity:
    • Livewire is able to stretch the plugs on her antenna and tail for more range.


Livewire needs to absorb energy from time to time to fight, thus the energy contained within her will deplete with use.